Before implementing Quiq Web Chat for your site, ensure that Web Chat is enabled for the desired Contact Points in your Quiq tenant.

If using legacy Web Chat, guidelines and examples can be found at https://developers.goquiq.com/docs/webchat/ .

If using Conversation Starter Web Chat, guidelines and examples can be found at https://developers.goquiq.com/docs/conversation-starter/#/ .



The default implementation hides the Web Chat icon based upon agent availability. When testing, ensure at least one agent is logged in and in an Available status in the Quiq site.

Consider that Web Chat is a different channel than SMS, and customers expect a more synchronous experience. Review the Quiq Admin settings for Routing -> Work Item Weights and consider weighting Web Chat higher than SMS. This will allocate more of an agent's throughput to Web Chat conversations, and provide the customer with a better chat experience.

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