X (formerly Twitter)


With Quiq, you can enable your customers to message you through X. Quiq allows user direct messages to be directed to agents for Customer Service, Support or pre-sales information and many other areas of customer management. The same interface used by your agents for SMS and web chat allows them to engage your customers using X as well.

If your organization has multiple X accounts, or multiple Quiq queues, discuss with the Quiq team how these should be routed.


The first step is to log into the X account on the computer you are using to integrate with Quiq.


⚠️ NOTE:

Please make sure this account has not been associated with another Quiq contact point.

In order to integrate your Twitter account with Quiq you will need to log into Quiq with an Admin account. In the Quiq application, navigate to the Admin area as shown below:

1. From the Admin menu click on Contact Points and choose the desired contact point you’d like to integrate with Twitter and then navigate to the Twitter tab.

You will then see this message:

2. Click on the message “Click here to get started” and you the see the message below. Click on the Authorize app button circled in red.


Once the registration is successful you will get a "registration successful" message.

3. Click the Go back to Admin page and navigate back to the Twitter tab. You will now see the Twitter Setting you can customize for this contact point Twitter integration.

4. Within X, you will need to update your profile if you have not already done so to accept direct messages. You can find this under X’s Settings and Privacy > Privacy and safety > Direct messages.

5. You can test sending messages with this X integration. Please make sure you have a Quiq user logged in as Available for the contact point/role you are testing. Once that is confirmed, have a team member send you a new direct message from a different X account to the X account you just integrated.

Direct messages from X should now flow into Quiq!