APIs and extensibility frameworks


The Quiq API documentation page contains information on all of our APIs. This technical documentation will be interesting to your developers.

Some of the most popular APIs include checking the agent availability, sending single SMS notification messages, and sending bulk messages. Another popular API is our Start Conversation API which can be used in IVRs for call deflection to SMS.

UI Extensions

In Quiq, the panel to the right of the main conversation panel may be customized by your development teams. Quiq will host your web content in an iframe. Communication between your web page and the Quiq application is facilitated using the Quiq UI Extension Framework.

Customers have used these extensions for tasks like order lookup or internal knowledge base queries. The possibilities are truly endless since you control the web content.

Web Chat

The simplest way to include web chat on your web page is to include the Quiq chat widget. Our Conversation Starter documentation has a great overview for your web developers.

In App Chat

Your mobile app can utilize the QuiqChat APIs to provide a custom messaging experience within your branded applications.

Advanced Reporting

Quiq can export data to your systems for advanced analysis and reporting.

CRM Custom Fields

The most straightforward approach is to leverage the reporting built in to your CRM. For supported CRMs (Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk), Quiq can save the conversation metrics to custom fields. You can then include the custom fields as needed in the CRM reporting tools.

The conversation metrics can be found on the Webhook - ConversationClosed page under ‘metrics’.

Web Hooks

Several events are raised during a conversation’s lifetime. You can subscribe to these events. The most popular event is the conversation closed event, which contains all the conversation details including the conversation metrics. To configure the web hook, simply provide Quiq the URL for your endpoint. Our developers page contains more information about our web hooks.

AWS S3 Buckets

Some customers do not want to setup web hooks. As an alternative, Quiq can write the conversation data in JSON format to an Amazon Web Services S3 Bucket that you own. You can then automate the import of this data.

SFTP Transfer

Quiq can transfer JSON data files via SFTP to your servers based upon desired events, similar to the above methods.