Okta SSO Setup

Learn how to use Quiq with Okta Single Sign On (SSO).

  1. Create a new App
  1. Select OIDC - OpedID Connect
  2. Choose Web Application
  1. Name the app Quiq.
  2. For Sign-in redirect URIs input: https://<YOUR_QUIQ_TENANT>.goquiq.com/idp/callback/okta


make sure to replace YOUR_QUIQ_TENANT in the url above with your tenant name

  1. For Assignments assign the groups to your needs, you can allow everyone to access or control access into Quiq by Limiting to selected groups.
  2. Gather info from your setup to pass along to your Quiq implementation specialist.
  3. Pass the information securely by inputting the info into https://yopass.quiq.com/ and generating a link. Then email your implementation specialist the link.
  4. Your implementation specialist will need the following information:
    a. client_id
    b. client_secret
    c. Okta domain
  1. That should be it! Once your implementation specialist injects these values securely into the Quiq platform Okta can act as your Single Sign On for Quiq.