Queues serve as collection points for conversations and a marker to define handling processes. Conversations may flow to a queue from specific contact points, or may be routed to a queue manually by an agent.

An escalation queue is used to allow a separate or special set of agents to address conversations that an initial set of agents could not address. Escalation queues do not have matching contact points, and only receive conversations from agents servicing a process queue.

Process queues are associated to a contact point and can receive conversations from contact points and via agent re-queue actions.

Creating a New Queue

Click the Create New Queue button to open the Queue editor. Enter a label for the Queue and note that the ID mirrors the name, replacing spaces with hyphens, and lower casing any capitals.



If the Queue ID matches a Contact Point ID, conversations from the Contact Point automatically route to the queue under default conversation rules.

Editing an Existing Queue

Once a Queue is created, only the label may be changed. Select an existing queue and click the Edit button to change the Queue label.

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