Agent Efficiency View


This Agent Insights View will help you understand how efficient your agents are, and answer questions like: how are my new agents ramping up? How are my agents doing in the context of their team? How do I improve my agent efficiency?

If you want a general walkthrough and overview of how to use Agent Insights, you can read the full guide here.

Creating your View

Editing Columns

First, navigate to Insights, then select Agents, from there click the New View button, then click Edit Columns.

You'll want to select the following metrics (everything else should be unchecked): Completion Rate, Completions / Hour, Reopen Rate, Missed Response Rate, Missed Invitation Rate, & any relevant surveys under the Feedback section:

Then click Apply:

General Settings

Next, click the Pencil icon next to New View, from here you can rename your view and select who in your organization you want to have access to this View:

Agent Segments

By default, your View is going to include all agents in your Quiq site. If you'd like to filter this View to only include specific agents, or group the report by different agent segments, you can use the Agent Segments button and select existing agent segments to apply, or create a new one:

Once you're happy with your columns, segments, and general settings click the Save button to save your report.

Using your Agent Efficiency View

Once you've saved your View, you can start by sorting on Completions / Hour, which is a common way to begin understanding agent efficiency:

However, an agent who completes a bunch of conversations per hour, but has a very high Reopen Rate, or very low Feedback Scores is most likely closing out conversations prematurely:


Whenever you see a message bubble icon next to a number, you can click on it to dig into the individual conversation transcripts to gain a better understanding of each interaction.