Historical Stats


The Historical Stats section allows you to go back in time and look at key metrics in the past.

You may select the time interval, such as this hour, today, this week, this month, or a custom range.

The metrics provided here are similar to those for Current activity. Additional cumulative totals are presented as applicable to a greater time span.

As with the Current Activity tab, the Filter By Queue selector in the upper right corner may be used to plot up to ten queues separately.

Queue Stats

  • Customers In Queue: This graph shows actual and average number of conversations waiting in queue for an available agent.

  • Average Wait Time: Actual and average wait time customers are experienced before an agent responded to their conversation.

  • Agent Utilization: Number of total conversations being handled divided by the total number of conversations possible based on soft assignment and logged in agents.
    Stats: Cumulative average values.

Conversation Stats

  • Total Conversations: Total number of conversations that closed within the given interval.

  • Messages Sent: Total number of messages sent or received in the given interval.

  • Average Conversation Time: Average conversation length during the selected period .

  • Stats: Cumulative total and average values.

Agent Stats

  • Agent Status: Number of agents logged in by status over the given interval.

  • Response Times: Average response time over all agents over the given interval.

  • Total Work Time: Sum of work times across all conversations over the given interval.

  • Unresponsive Agents: Most recent instances of a conversation re-routed from an agent and the agent placed in Current Conversations status due to the agent not responding within the configured response window.

Export Data

If you have contacted [email protected] to enable Agent data exports, you will find this option enabled in the upper right corner of your Historical stats page. Learn more about exporting data

The agent session data is described in our API documentation. It should be noted that any time intervals are measured in milliseconds, and that login and logout times are reported in UTC/GMT unless otherwise configured by your implementation or support team.