Why do my agents seem to always be in "Current Conversations" status?


To ensure that your customers receive timely engagement and answers to their questions, the Quiq application will set an agent to Current Conversation status if one of two things happen:

1. The agent does not respond to a customer message within the configured Response Timeout period (default is 10 minutes).

2. The agent misses a conversation invitation (default invitation time is 60 seconds). When an invitation is received by the agent, the agent is expected to accept the conversation, decline it, or mark it as spam. When the agent takes no action on an invitation, the system sees this as evidence that the agent is too busy or otherwise occupied, and thus changes the agent’s status to Current Conversations.

How do I address this?

In the first instance, ensure that agents are not attempting to maintain more conversations or tasks than they are capable of. Also consider adjusting the Response Timeout configuration in Admin > Timers.

In the second instance, several options are available:

  • Ensure that notifications are appearing for the agent to notice new invitations. In Admin > Routing turn on Flash Conversation Tab on New Conversation. Encourage agents to open their settings and enable all the notification options.

  • Increase the Invitation Timeout value in Admin > Timers to give agents more time to see and react to invitations.

  • Increase or disable the Missed Invitations Limit in Admin > Routing to give the agent more chances to address invitations, or simply stop the system from changing status when invitations are missed.