Quiq Site Setup

Quiq will create a tenant for you in our cloud and assist you in your implementation. Depending on the complexity of your site, the implementation could take one to four weeks.

Implementation Kickoff Call

Upon completion of contracting, your Sales representative will schedule a kickoff call between your project stakeholders, and a Quiq Implementation Specialist. This call will serve to gather the information necessary to configure your Quiq site for the needs of your organization.

Implementation Considerations

Consider the following in advance of the call. The Implementation Specialist can help solidify answers to these questions but advance preparation can bring more clarity to the Kickoff Call.

  • Will Quiq be integrated into a CRM? Quiq currently supports integration within Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk and Kustomer. Your in-house or third party system integrators may provide options for integrating with other systems. Invite your CRM application owner to the kickoff meeting if possible.
  • Which lines of business or divisions of your company will be using Quiq? Quiq supports multiple workflows and entry points into your organization. Consider both immediate and subsequent usage to provide a roadmap for the implementation.
  • Which messaging channels do I wish to communicate on? Quiq supports SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, FB Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • What is my implementation time-frame? Will the IT and other resources I need to train and implement with be ready to move forward?

Site Configuration

Your Quiq Implementation Specialist will perform the staging configuration of your site based upon the information provided during the kickoff call. Once your staging site is configured, training will take place and your staff will conduct user acceptance testing prior to production configuration and go live.