Add-in Upgrade (OSC)

Oracle Service Cloud Add-in Upgrade

Quiq releases updated add-in files as warranted for both bug fixes and in support of new features.


Only fully tested add-ins are made public and there is no Oracle specific version required for the add-ins. You may wish to first upgrade the add-ins on a functional test instance of Oracle Service Cloud. This should only be accomplished if the existing Oracle Service Cloud test instance has a matching test/stage instance of Quiq. Add-in installation should never be performed on a site with no matching Quiq instance.

Add-ins are only applicable to the Agent Desktop (.NET client), and NOT the Browser User Interface (BUI).

Obtaining New Add-in Files

The latest add-in file links can be found on the Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) Add-in configuration article.


  • Download the updated add-in files.
  • In the Oracle Service Cloud Add-in Manager (Configuration > Site Configuration > Add-In Manager) select the item to update and click the Update button.
  • Ensure the correct file is used to update (workspace or navigation)
  • Save and exit Add-in Manager.
  • All agents whose profile utilizes the add-ins will download the newest version applied, upon their next login to Oracle Service Cloud. This may lengthen the login time.

Issues or questions

Any difficulty with applying add-ins should be reported to Quiq Support via [email protected].



Reverting to a previous version of the add-in is not recommended without confirmation and this will not alleviate the need for clients to download a new version as the Oracle Service Cloud system will see the change as an updated file.