Oracle Service Cloud


Quiq allows agents to communicate with customers across multiple messaging platforms while bringing these conversations into the incident structure of Oracle Service Cloud. Regardless of platform, each conversation yields an incident. The Quiq Navigation pane resides in the Oracle console as a tool window, providing the agent access to conversations assigned or offered to the agent, as well as access to other areas of the application the agent has permission to access (Settings, Outbound, Reporting, Admin).

Within the Incident workspace, a Quiq component is added to facilitate the conversation within the full context of the incident. Upon conversation close, the conversation transcript is written as a private note to the incident allowing non Quiq users to see the full text of the conversation.

Quiq uses Oracle Service Cloud API's to create an incident and to match a contact record using phone number or email if possible. If unable to find a match, a default contact is used to satisfy OSC incident requirements and the agent may select or create the correct contact to associate with the incident.

Additional conversation data may be written to the OSC database standard or custom fields allowing OSC to remain the single system of record.

What It Takes

Integrating Quiq to your OSC system requires a dedicated integration account within Oracle. This account makes API calls to Oracle to create incidents and perform other needed tasks. The account/profile should be configured such that the password does not expire.

Quiq is a web based application that makes network requests to the locations described in the Browser and Security Settings. This access should be ensured by IT and/or networking staff.

For information on using Quiq with Oracle Browser UI please review Oracle Browser UI.

Integration Guide

Integrating Quiq into an Oracle Service Cloud instance is accomplished in several steps detailed in the below documents. In most cases customers first integrate a Quiq stage site to a test OSC instance. This allows a non-impactful assurance of functionality and can also provide an environment for training users in the use of Quiq.

Oracle Admin Preparation Steps

There are a certain set of tasks the OSC admin must perform to obtain necessary data for Quiq to begin the integration work.

Oracle Service Cloud Add-in Configuration

The OSC admin must download, install, and configure the Quiq Agent Desktop add-ins which provide the Quiq interface to OSC agents.

Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) Add-in Upgrade

Instructions for updating to the latest Quiq add-ins.

Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) Incident Details

Specifics regarding OCS incident records and options available to supplement incident data with that from Quiq conversations.

Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) Workspace Configuration

Incident workspaces must be altered to include the Quiq workspace add-in.

Oracle Service Cloud User Settings

Each user must add the Quiq Navigation from to the OSC console.