The Usage section displays aggregate counts of conversations and notifications based upon the selected time interval. Usage is comprised of two tabs, the Overview Tab and the Trends Tab.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab provides information about billable data in a format that is consistent with the contractual order form.


Four sections are available:

  • Conversation Billing: Provides the number of billable units by conversation platform.
  • Conversation Add-ons: Provides the number of conversations in which certain criteria was met that triggered additional billing units (e.g. bot-assisted).
  • Outbound Notifications: Provides the number of billable units by outbound notification platform.
  • Other Charges: Provides the number of other actions that are billable (e.g. surveys or payments).


Note that the units counted here are the number of billable units which may not exactly match the number of conversations done in the same time period when comparing to the Closed Conversations or Historical Stats reports.

Billing will be done using GMT to determine starting and ending time periods. You should select the GMT timezone to ensure the generated data returned for you is consistent with what was billed.

Trends Tab

The Trends Tab displays how the number of billable units trended over time, broken down by platform.



Because of an internal change to the way this historical data is stored, you cannot choose a time range including both data before and data after January 1, 2023 12a GMT. You may pick ranges entirely before, or entirely after that date.

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