Best Practices

Outbound Notification Best Practices

These are Quiq’s outbound messaging best practices. Please review them carefully before sending large numbers of outbound messages.


SMS is regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM act. Please do not initiate an SMS conversation with your clients unless you have received explicit opt-in for their phone number.

This does not apply when a client initiates an SMS conversation by texting your company first.

SMS Rate Limits

Your SMS throughput is controlled by The Campaign Registry who uses a brand reputation algorithm to determine how many messages per second you can send. It is important you fill out the brands section in the Quiq Admin UI. This will kickoff the approval process with The Campaign Registry.

Once your approval is received, your Quiq Implementation Specialist will perform the required configurations and contact you. Quiq will throttle your messages to prevent message delivery failures based on your approved throughput.

While Quiq will throttle your messages, it is important to discuss your outbound notifications plans with your Implementation Specialist. Quiq is a preferred partner of The Campaign Registry and can work with you on a strategy for large outbound notification blasts.

Please note, failure to plan for blasts that are 1000 times greater than your approved message per second throughput may negatively impact your messaging campaign and normal inbound SMS traffic.

Sending Outbound Messages

Quiq has two ways to send outbound messages: Quiq user interface and the Quiq programmatic interface (API).

User Interface

Your users can initiate conversations with customers using our send notifications user interface. When the customer responds, a new conversation will be created in the Quiq user interface. Our user interface allows you to send one message or bulk send to multiple end users.

Programmatic Interface (API)

Quiq exposes an API to send SMS messages and initiate conversations with your clients. Quiq customers will often use this API to bulk send notifications to their customers. One example is shipping notifications, but there are many other uses. Again, be sure you have obtained your customers’ permission before texting them. If a customer responds to the notification, a new conversation will be created in Quiq.