Incident Details (OSC)

Oracle Service Cloud Incident Details


The characteristics of the incidents created by conversations are important to consider if the agents handling messaging are associated with Profiles using an Incident Workflow, or if the Incident Workspaces used have Workspace Rules configured. Quiq messaging Incidents are created with the following details:

  • The Incidents are created via the Public API, so the Incident Source is Public API > Connect Web Services - REST. This is the source listed in the Incident Audit Log for the Created transaction, and this will also be the value set for the Incident Source field.

  • Since the Public API creates them, the Incidents have already been saved when they are first opened; they are not new Incidents. This may impact Workspace Rules or Workflow conditions that reference the New/Saved state of Incidents.

  • No other Incident field values are set by default during creation, but your Quiq setup can be configured to automatically set standard and custom Incident fields on Incident creation, or conversation end, as needed. For example, the Incident Subject field could be set to “Messaging Incident” for all Quiq Incidents, or a custom field value could be set to a specific value for all messaging Incidents, and then used in a Workspace rule that focuses the Workspace tab with the Quiq add-in on it when the Incident is opened. This is also beneficial for reporting and data collection. Many metrics and other helpful data is recorded by Quiq. Writing this data to the OSC incident table allows this data to be available in your system of record. Please let the Quiq implementation team know if you would like your configuration to include setting specific Incident field values.