The Summary Tab in Insights contains sections that consist of custom analytics cards that enable Managers and Admins to understand key metrics at a glance.



Sections enable the grouping of analytics cards however an admin sees fit.

Creating Sections

Use the Create Section button to create your first Section:


Once you've created your first section you'll have the ability to create a Card from scratch or use an existing Funnel:


Editing Sections

Reordering Sections

By default, new Sections will always be added to the end of your Summary view. However, they can be reordered by dragging and dropping them once created:


Section Options

The 3 dot menu in the top right of each section has a number of controls that enable you to manage individual sections:


1. New Card: Enables Admins to add a new Card to the Section, read more about creating Cards below.
2. Link Funnel: Add an existing Funnel as a Card to the Section. Learn more.
3. Edit Section Title: Change the title of the section
4. Delete Section: Delete the Section and all of the Cards within it.


Cards provide a quick view of insights at a glance. There are a couple key components of a card:


1. Card Label: This is defined during the Card creation process.
2. Tooltip: An optional tooltip that can be added to a Card.
3. Funnel Link: Denotes that a Card is linked to a specific Funnel. Clicking on the icon will take you to the Funnel. If this icon is not present, the Card is not linked to a Funnel.
4. More menu: Provides the ability to Edit the Card or Delete the Card
5. Primary Number: The percentage and number of Customers or Conversations that reached the final step defined in the Card
6. Date Range: The date range that the primary number is calculated for
7. View Conversations: Clicking this icon will open up conversations that reached the final step in the Card.

Creating Cards

There are two ways to create a card:

1. Create a new Card from scratch.
2. Linking to a Funnel that is already created.

Linking a Funnel

Selecting the Link Funnel button when creating a new card will prompt you to select an existing funnel:


Once linked, the Card will display the Funnel name, the number of Journey's that reached the final step, as well as the completion percentage:


Creating a New Card

Creating a Card from scratch is similar to creating a funnel, you can either choose from a template or start with an empty Card. Each Card must consist of at least one step:


Making Changes to Cards

Each card has a menu in the upper right hand corner than enables the card to be edited or deleted:


Editing a Card linked to a Funnel

Editing a Card linked to a funnel provides different options than editing a standard Card:


1. Label: The label for the card, this is separate from the label for the Funnel, and can be edited independently.
2. Description: The description for the Card, this will appear as a tooltip on the Card.
3. Funnel Referenced: The Funnel the Card is referencing, clicking this will open up the Funnel.
4. Detach from Funnel: Detaching the Card from the Funnel will open up the standard Card editor.

Reordering Cards

By default, a new Card will be added to the last position in a section. Cards can be reordered by dragging and drop the card into the desired position: