Active vs Inactive Conversations

Active conversations are those conversations you are currently working. The customer is responsive and engaged. Inactive conversations are conversations that become inactive due to an unresponsive customer or because the conversation had been marked inactive by an agent.

How a conversation may become inactive:

  • You may set a conversation inactive by clicking the Mark Inactive button. You may wish to make a conversation inactive if a customer indicates they will be unavailable for a little while but the conversation has not been completed or resolved.
  • If no response is received from a customer the system will automatically make the conversation inactive after a configurable period of time (default value = 1 hr).

  • If there is no response received from a customer for an additional configurable time period while the conversation is inactive, the conversation will automatically be closed (default value = 12 hrs).

When the customer responds to an inactive conversation:

  • The conversation will automatically be made active. Likewise, the agent can make the conversation active again by simply sending a message.

The number of concurrent active conversations per agent:

  • Configurable by an administrator (default value = 5).
  • New conversations will not be offered to an agent when active conversations reach this limit.
  • Inactive conversations may continue to re-activate and add to the agent’s list of active conversations. The limit for this activity is also configurable by an administrator (default value = 10).
  • Inactive conversations may re-activate for the agent while the agent is in Available or Current Conversations status. If the agent is Unavailable or logged out, a re-activated conversation is sent back to the queue, and will be offered to the next available agent. Learn about configuring soft & hard limits