Quiq Product Support


The Quiq team is always ready to assist with questions or any issues that arise. During the implementation period, before your Quiq application is live, questions or issues should be brought to the attention of your Quiq Implementation or Success Manager. Once your Quiq implementation has moved to production, it's important to ensure that any issues can be handled via the appropriate channel.

Standard Issues

Any issue that does not require immediate attention should be addressed via email to [email protected].

Immediate Issues

Any issue that requires immediate attention regardless of time of day should be addressed via the Quiq Status Page. The status page contains a contact form allowing the Quiq Operations team to be immediately alerted to your issue.

Getting a Faster Resolution

The following will assist our team in Quiq-ly resolving your issue:

  • If reporting an error or functionality issue, provide the steps a user must perform to experience the issue.

  • Provide details that your users note, such as whether the issue occurs only on a specific platform, or specific browser, etc.

  • If the issue is best illustrated by a specific conversation, note the conversation ID or other data to allow Quiq to locate the conversation in your system. See How do I find the conversation ID?

  • If your Quiq system is integrated to a CRM, please identify that fact in your initial correspondence. Note that an issue with a CRM system may preclude Quiq’s ability to create or close a conversation. Verify that the CRM system is functional or if not, what actions can Quiq take to assist in mitigating the CRM issue. Provide example ticket, case or other record ID’s in the CRM system that may help illustrate the issue.