The Users section allows you to view and manage all of the users in your tenant.

Creating Users

  • Use the Create New User button to create a user, then fill in the appropriate fields. The email address must be deliverable, so the user can receive an automated email with password initialization instructions.
The create new user form.

The create new user form.

  • In addition to the required fields, you'll need to select at least one Role for this user, by default everyone will belong to the Everyone Role. You can learn more about Roles here .


Users & CRM Integrations

Customers with CRM integrations may not have the option to create users on this screen. This is due to the identity provider function being assigned to the CRM application. Use the CRM profile and user manager function for user management.

  • Reset password triggers an email to the user allowing the user to set a new password. This does not immediately invalidate the existing password. The link sent must be used within 24 hours. If the link is not used, no changes are made to the account.


There are 4 levels of Permissions in the Quiq platform that can be granted to Users.



A user with Agent permissions can use Messaging.


A user with Manager permissions can use Messaging and Reporting.

Staff Admin

A user with Staff Admin permissions can use Messaging, Reporting, and some Admin functionality pertinent to a Staff Admin. Learn more


A user with Admin permissions has access to all parts of Quiq, including Messaging, Reporting, Admin, and Outbound.

Editing Users

Agents may have specific assignment limits applied. Reference the Routing section for details. Experienced agents may be given higher limits, while new agents have lower limits applied than the standard.

Soft & hard assignment limits on a specific agent.

Soft & hard assignment limits on a specific agent.

All fields but Username are available for editing via the Edit button for existing users. Manager and Admin permissions may also be applied to the account, and the user may be added to existing roles.

Disabling users

Click the Disable User button to bar the user from access to the Quiq system. Disabled users may be viewed by choosing the Show disabled users option from the dropdown menu. Disabled users may be re-enabled at will.

Exporting Users

Use the Export User Data button to download a CSV of users in Quiq:

The CSV will contain a number of columns, including: username, firstName, lastName, permissions, lastLogin hardLimit, softLimit, isLockedOut, isDisabled, and email.

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