Conversation Collaboration

Collaboration lets you privately message with another agent or manager in order to resolve the customer’s issue.


To start a collaboration conversation simply click on the + Start Collaboration button, then select the logged in agent or manager you wish to collaborate with from the list, or type their name. You may collaborate with multiple people at the same time.

Agent and Collaborator Roles

Once in collaboration mode, the collaborators see the entire conversation thread. In the collaboration mode, only you (the agent) can send messages to the customer. The customer never sees the conversation between you (the agent) and the collaborators. Conversations with collaborators appear directly below the customer conversation. Snippets, emojis and files work in collaboration, just like they do in a conversation with a customer. To end a collaboration, simply click the "End" button within the collaboration pane.


Transfer to Collaborator

To transfer to a collaborator, simply select the Transfer button and select the collaborator’s name, which should be highlighted. The conversation will be transferred to the collaborator. The customer is not aware of the transfer unless the agent and or collaborator wishes to make it known.