Bot Insights


Bot Insights enables you to analyze traffic through your bot, dive in deep on individual behaviors, and review what your users are saying.


Using Usage

When viewing a bot in the Quiq Bot Designer, the Usage Settings button in the top right corner contains your usage settings:


Once you click Usage Settings a number of controls become available:


1. Select Interval: This allows the administrator to select the time period of bot activity they want to view. The user may select up to 1 month of data in this view.

2. Select Segment: This allows the usage data to be restricted by some previously defined piece of criteria. For example, there may be a Segment on ‘Platform of SMS’ which when selected would restrict the counts to only include bot sessions that started on SMS.

3. Show Usage Connections: Shows the connector line to show usage between behaviors, that is the amount of traffic that flowed through the bot.


Bot events only exist in production tenants after May 1, 2022. When a time period is selected that includes any range prior to this, a warning is displayed.

  • Version selector: This selector is not visible on the current draft version of a bot since there never will be any activity on a non-published version. This selector allows usage data for only the selected version of the bot, or for all versions that had activity for the selected timeframe. By default Use all Versions is selected, all activity that occurred on the bot in the given timeframe will be counted no matter what version it occurred on.

  • If the selector is changed to Use only this version, then only activity that occurred on the version currently open will be included.

Usage can be displayed in all bot revisions including the current draft, the current live version, and all previously published versions. The Usage Settings that were configured at the time a bot definition is saved will persist the next time the draft is opened.

When Usage is turned on, the Flow Pane in the Bot Designer reflects the usage counts on each connector line for incoming and outgoing flow for each behavior for the selected time interval:


If no activity flowed through a behavior, the behavior or connector line will be semi-transparent - that is, shown in a lighter gray color.

When activity was present between two behaviors, a number showing the number of times that flow was hit is displayed on the connector line.

Hiding and Showing Connections

The Connections button in the bottom right hand size of the screen enables you to toggle the connection lines on or off.


"Ghost" Behaviors

It’s possible that usage activity will have occurred for a behavior that does not exist in the version that is currently being viewed.

This can occur if you are viewing the draft version and behaviors that existed on a previously published version have been deleted. Or, it may occur if you are viewing an older version with the Use all revisions selected and have included more recent activity that has a behavior that didn’t exist in the one being viewed.

Behaviors that no longer exist within the flow pane will be represented by a Ghost behavior:


Indirect Location Changes

It’s possible that usage activity will exist between two behaviors that do not have a direct “Change location” action from one to another. This can happen if:

  • A Special Event was triggered which changed the location of the flow to some other behavior
  • A newer version of the bot is open in the Bot Designer and an intermediate behavior has since been added in the flow between two behaviors that previously were directly connected.

When this occurs, a temporary dashed connector line will be displayed on the flow pane of the Bot Designer.

In this example, there was one instance where a customer was on the Do you need further assistance? behavior and triggered the Human Agent Requested Special Event which moved them directly to the Default Queue behavior:


Viewing Conversations

The usage count can be clicked to open a dialog. It provides a View Conversations button that can be selected to open a list of the conversations that moved between the two behaviors.


The left side of the panel lists each conversation that flowed between the two behaviors. The platform, customer name (if available), the queue, and the start and end times of the conversation are available. A conversation on the left side can be selected to show the transcript details in the right panel:


Analyzing Individual Behaviors

When a particular behavior(s) is selected on the flow pane, the counts only appear on the connector lines to and from that behavior. The other connector lines are displayed in a light gray color and do not have counts. This helps focus in on a particular area being analyzed and reduces clutter on the flow pane.


Usage Insights

When a behavior is selected and the Configuration Pane is opened, a new Usage Insights section is available that displays a flow chart of the incoming and outgoing activity for that behavior. The behavior details are still available below the Usage Insights area:


The selected behavior shows in the middle and any behaviors that had incoming traffic are shown on the left, and the outgoing behaviors to the right.

Other Behaviors

Behaviors with less than 10% of either the incoming or outgoing activity are grouped together under an “Other” option. Clicking on the “Other” option will expand it to show which behaviors and a breakdown of activity for them:


Interacting with Usage Insights


1. Clicking on any behavior in the Usage Flow chart will move to that behavior in the flow pane.

2. Clicking on the lighter blue ribbon between two behaviors in the Usage Insights chart will open a modal that shows the customers and conversations who moved through that flow.

3. If there were no further transitions to any other behavior before the conversation was re-assigned away from the bot or Closed, it is considered as “Drop-off”. These will show in the chart in a gray section that is labeled “Drop-off”. The gray ribbon can be selected here too in order to view the customers who had no further activity with the bot. Most outgoing traffic on terminal behaviors - like Close or Route types of behaviors - will have 100% drop-off rates.


Ghost Behaviors

If a “ghost” behavior is selected, the Usage Insights chart is displayed, but no configuration details show in the Configuration Pane since that behavior does not actually exist in the version being viewed.

  • Note that the number of transitions into a behavior may not equal the number of transactions out of the behavior:
    • This can happen if the time interval selected in Usage Settings is set such that only part of a bot session is included. Only the traffic that occurred during the selected time period is counted.
    • Additionally, if the current date/time is included in the selected time interval, active conversations assigned to the bot that are currently on the selected behavior in the flow will show as arriving, but have not yet transitioned nor dropped-off so will not be counted in the outbound traffic from the behavior.