Salesforce Mandatory Package Update Winter '24


Quiq has released a new version of our Salesforce Managed Package which contains critical and mandatory updates to the Quiq Lightning Aura components that account for upcoming changes to the Lightning platform in the upcoming Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release. As Salesforce continues to update their Lightning platform, Quiq has identified and addressed more issues affecting the communication layer between Lightning components and the Quiq application


Upgrade Deadline

Salesforce admins will need to install the new Quiq package before the upcoming Winter '24 Release

Upgrade deadline is October 7, 2023


Installation Instructions

Salesforce admins can complete the installation on their own in a few minutes own by visiting this Installation URL and following the instructions below:

  1. From the upgrade page, select Install for all users
  2. Click the acknowledgement check box
  3. Click the Upgrade button

That’s it! The Quiq Messaging package and components will automatically be upgraded and Quiq should continue to work uninterrupted.

Technical Details

  • Quiq has identified an upcoming change to the Lightning Aura platform that prevents parsing the Lightning Proxy object wrappers into serializable javascript objects, resulting in errors when attempting to pass messages to the Quiq application via the window.postMessage API.

  • This fix is contained in the Quiq Messaging Salesforce Managed Package Version 2.6. All tenants will need to upgrade to this version of the package before October 7th, 2023.

  • A fix was applied that serializes the data in the Proxy object wrapper into a plain string which can safely be passed across the iFrame boundary to the Quiq application

  • The upgrade does not require any additional configuration of the Salesforce Org. All components will be upgraded in place and the process will not interrupt usage of the Quiq Messaging product

Please contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns around this Salesforce Upgrade.