Using Notifications

Using Outbound Notifications

License and Permissions

To access the Outbound notification screen, you must have been given permissions to send outbound notifications from one or more contact points. This permission can be granted by your company's Quiq administrator under the path Admin > Contact Points > {selected contact point} > General > Outbound Roles > Send Notifications.

Only users in the selected roles will be able to send notifications from the selected contact point. Note that often the "Everyone" role is added here by default, enabling all users to send notifications. Your company's Quiq administrator may update this at anytime. It may be more useful to add roles with no queues assigned, strictly to manage Notifications access.



Notifications are billable based upon your contract pricing.

When to Use

Please consider SMS Compliance Considerations before sending notifications. Recipients should have agreed to receive (opted-in to) SMS messages from your organization. Outbound notifications are best used when the level of response is unknown.


Example 1

  • Message: “Our service garage had a power outage today and some trucks may be delayed. Please reply if you require additional information.”

  • The above message is for general information and invites recipients to engage easily if needed, by replying to the text. Using an outbound notification in this instance is a good idea.

Example 2

  • Message: “Our representative is at your address but cannot find an issue. Please contact us.”

  • This message should be sent via start conversation instead of an outbound notification because the agent would want to ensure the recipient is contacted and engaged.

Difference Between Notifications and Conversations

Refer to the Agent Guide - Starting a Conversation for details on starting a conversation. A notification differs from a conversation in that:
1. Notifications may be sent to multiple SMS recipients.
2. Notifications do not start conversations unless the recipient responds.


A Salesforce CRM user may utilize outbound notifications via custom code to send a message to a Lead or Contact directly within the Salesforce application. These may generate tasks on the associated record. These messages are also visible in the Outbound Notifications View History section within the Quiq application. See for more information.