10DLC Use Case Information

Guidance on determining use cases

Review your goals for SMS and determine how those align with your contact points.

  • How many Contact Points do I have?
  • How are they related to each other?
  • What is the purpose or goal of the messages that are sent from this contact point?
  • How do these goals align with the standard use cases in the chart below?

Multiple Contact Points with the same purpose

  • If you have more than one contact point serving the same purpose, you can create one use case and add all the matching contact points to that single use case.

  • Example:

    • You have support agents set up with their own contact point.
    • Create a use case for customer care and add the details of what your business considers customer care.
    • Add the support agents contact points to that use case.

Multiple Contact Points with different purposes

  • If you have multiple contact points and each of them has a different purpose, create a use case for each contact point.

    • Example:

    • You have a contact point for account notifications, delivery notifications, and another for fraud alerts.

    • Explain what account notifications are in your context, add the contact point for account notifications.

    • Explain what delivery notifications contain, then add the contact point for deliveries.

    • Explain fraud alerts content, then add the contact point for fraud alerts.

  • If you have a contact point that serves multiple purposes, and there isn't a use case that drives the majority of the messages, you can choose mixed.

    • Example:

    • You use one contact point for Public Service Announcements, Marketing, and Security Alerts.

    • Choose mixed as your use case and explain the content being sent and add the contact point.


Using the mixed use case at high volumes could result in a lower throughput.

Standard campaign use cases

The following table contains the list of standard campaign use cases that will be available within US A2P when registration launches.


What about state and local political messaging?

The "Political" Special campaign use case for political messaging has been designated for federal campaigns only, and requires an FEC ID. Our carrier is awaiting further clarity from carriers on state and local political messaging under the new A2P 10DLC system.