Templates & Training


To use a template simply click one of the links below to download a bot import file. Then navigate to the Version History page of a bot user you’ve already created and click the Import button at the top of the version history and upload the file. The bot definition will then be imported into that bot’s draft space where you can review and publish the bot.



If you’d like to play with a bot without configuring the necessary contact points, queues and roles, simply create a bot user and set its status to Available. Then import the bot definition as described above. At that point, you can transfer conversations assigned to you directly to the bot to see how it behaves.

This simple example recreates the deflection/escalation bot described in our Bot Developer Guide without writing any code!

Training Videos

Video 1 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Bot Creation Overview (10min)
Video 2 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Assigned & Bot Behavior Determine Intent (18min)
Video 3 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Bot Behaviors Gather Data & Send Message (12min)
Video 4 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Execute Logic - Route - Close (15min)
Video 5 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Special Events (6min)
Video 6 - Quiq Bot Designer Training - Putting it All Together (27min)