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  • Custom Pay Framework

    Quiq offers a way to send payment requests to end users across all the payment channels supported by the Quiq platform. The following document describes how to integrate the payment processor a Client is currently leveraging into Quiq to give Users the best and most secure payment experience.

  • Secure Web Chat

    This article walks through the process of performing secure web chat sessions between end users and agents using Quiq’s Web Chat product.

  • Quiq Pay Integration

    This article describes the process for integrating Stripe or Braintree into Quiq.

  • User Passwords

    This article describes a bit of the user account process and how passwords may be set and recovered.

  • CSV Data Fields

    This article provides details about the CSV export files available.

  • How to export data from Quiq

    This article describes the various ways to export data from Quiq.

  • Introduction to Conversation Rules

    Conversation Rules allow determination of the queue a conversation should be routed to, and the messages sent when certain events occur, and also replace the Auto Response function.

  • Understanding Roles, Queues, and Contact Points

    While listed as separate items, Contact Points, Queues, and Roles all interconnect to allow conversation routing in the Quiq application.

  • Outbound Messaging Best Practices

    These are Quiq’s outbound messaging best practices. Please review them carefully before sending a large number of outbound messages.

  • Why do my agents seem to always be in "Current Conversations" status?

    This post provides guidance and recommendations to address the issue of agent status changing from Available unexpectedly.

  • Quiq Browser and Security Settings

    This post provides guidance for browser and network security settings.

  • Preventing Outbound Message Blocking

    This article provides some best practices to avoid having outbound messages blocked by the receiving carriers. Carriers expect messages sent from 10 digit numbers to be person to person and not Application to Person (A2P). A2P traffic is subject to blocking based upon section 6 of the CTIA Messaging Principles and Best Practices.

  • SMS Compliance Considerations

    Quiq Outbound Messaging allows customers the ability to send notifications to SMS recipients via a simple UI, or via API integration. The following are brief guidelines gathered as a working reference. Quiq advises that all users obtain guidance from legal counsel to ensure their own compliance when using outbound messaging.

  • Supported MIME types for file attachments

    The following MIME types are supported by Quiq. Your customers can attach files that are of the following types. Some dangerous files like executables are not allowed.

  • Quiq IVR Integration

    This post provides guidance for an IVR integration with Quiq.