Admin Preparation Steps (OSC)

Oracle Service Cloud Admin Preparation Steps


Quiq requires some basic information and configuration steps in order to begin the integration process. An Oracle Service Cloud admin should provide this information to the Quiq implementation staff as soon as it is convenient.

Integration Account Information

A user account within a profile having permission to make API calls and to create incidents and potentially edit contacts is needed. The profile should also be altered to avoid password expiration. Consider copying an existing profile and reserving the password changes to the copied profile.

When the account is created, provide the following data to the Quiq implementation team:

Quiq can assist in passing credentials securely.

Lookup Report

A report is used to search for contacts to match with the incident created when a Quiq conversation begins. Currently, Quiq searches email and phone number fields of the contact table to find a distinct matching contact to associate with the incident created when a new conversation starts. This report must be imported from the below definition file.

Report Definition
Once the report is created Click the View Definition button and report the AC ID number to Quiq.

Default Contact

In the event an existing contact cannot be matched, a default contact ID is used to create an incident for the conversation. Note that the Quiq workspace add-in will recognize the default contact ID and remove the contact from the incident when the incident workspace loads. This is intended to force the agent to select the correct contact to associate with the incident, or to create a new contact. Provide a contact ID to the Quiq team for use as the default.

Test Site

If you have a test site you wish to use, please let the Quiq implementation team know. We will create a test tenant for you and associate it with your Oracle test site.