Salesforce Mandatory Package Update Summer '23


Salesforce is releasing a new security feature called Lightning Web Security for Aura that disrupts communication between the Salesforce Lightning platform and the Quiq Messaging Lightning Aura components. Quiq has released an updated version of our Quiq Messaging Salesforce Managed Package that addresses the upcoming changes.


Go Live Date

Salesforce admins will need to install the new Quiq package before Lightning Web Security is enabled by default, which is currently scheduled for Summer ‘23

Pre-release is on May 6, Standard release is on June 3 (

Installation Instructions

Salesforce admins can complete the installation on their own in a few minutes own by visiting this Installation URL and following the instructions below:

  1. From the upgrade page, select Install for all users
  2. Click the acknowledgement check box
  3. Click the Upgrade button

That’s it! The Quiq Messaging package and components will automatically be upgraded and Quiq should continue to work uninterrupted.

Technical Details

  • Salesforce’s new security framework, Lightning Web Security, entered Beta status for the Aura framework (what Quiq's Lightning components are built with) in Spring ‘23.
  • This feature is currently being enabled by default for new Salesforce Orgs, and will soon be enabled for all existing Orgs in an upcoming Salesforce Product Release.
  • In the Lightning Web Security architecture, javascript objects being passed between functions within the Aura framework are now being wrapped in Proxy objects, which are not serializable and therefore are unable to be passed across iFrame boundaries via the window.postMessage API.
  • A fix was applied that parses the data in the Proxy object into a serializable javascript object before passing it across the iFrame boundary.
  • This fix is contained in the Quiq Messaging Salesforce Managed Package Version 2.3. All tenants will need to upgrade to this version of the package before Lightning Web Security for Aura is enabled for their Salesforce Org.
  • The upgrade does not require any additional configuration of the Salesforce Org. All components will be upgraded in place and the process will not interrupt usage of the Quiq Messaging product

Please contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns around this Salesforce Upgrade.