A New Look and Feel for Quiq

We're excited to introduce a new look and feel to go alongside the great product functionality you're already used to from Quiq.


There's been a lot of exciting things happening at Quiq recently. From shipping our own generative AI, Quiq Compose, to a suite of new analytics functionality, Hi Quiq Insights πŸ‘‹, we felt it was only right to give the Quiq app a refresh:


The updated Quiq messaging view

What's changed

You'll find a new look and feel through the entire Quiq app, from Messaging, to Outbound, to Reports, and Admin. However, no existing layout or functionality has changed, enabling your team to immediately pick up right where they left off.

How to enable

Admins can enable the updated UI by navigating to Agent UI from the Admin section and toggling the New Theme Enabled option at the bottom:


The legacy theme will be retired on 7/31/23, at which point all organizations will use the new theme.