New "Staff Admin" User Permission

Date Released: 2023-02-10

A new Staff Admin permission is now available in the Permissions field in Admin > Users, which allows Quiq Admins to create a type of User who has all of the Quiq permissions that Managers have, plus they're able to perform certain staff management tasks, without giving them full Admin-level permissions for the Quiq Admin application. To assign the Staff Admin permission to a new or existing User, a Quiq Admin can either create a new User and select that new option in the Permissions field, or the Permissions field value for an existing User can be updated to the new option.

When a User with the Staff Admin permission logs into Quiq, they have access to the Reports tab, since they have all of the permissions that a Manager has, and they also have access to the Admin tab - but when the Admin tab is opened, only the Users and Roles pages are available.

In Admin > Users, Staff Admins can create new Users, and set all of the available fields for the new User, but the Permissions field menu only contains the Agent & Manager options - Staff Admins can't create a User with Staff Admin or Admin permissions.

Staff Admins can only update existing Agent & Manager-level Users, so if an Admin or other Staff Admin User is selected in Admin > Users, the Edit button is hidden, and the Soft Assignment Limit and Hard Assignment Limit fields are read-only. Staff Admins can also only select Reset Password, Disable User & Enable User, update the Profile picture, and delete Snippets for Agent & Manager-level Users. Staff Admins aren't allowed to remove 2 Factor Authentication for any User, so the Remove 2FA button is always hidden.

In Admin > Roles, Staff Admins can add/remove Agent & Manager-level Users from a Role, but they can't add/remove other Staff Admin or Admin Users, or Bots - so when the Edit button is selected for the Members list in a Role, other Staff Admin & Admin Users, and Bots, are disabled so they can’t be added or removed. If Select All is selected when editing a Role's Members list, only Agent and Manager-level Users are selected or unselected. Staff Admins can’t create new Roles, update the label for a Role, or configure Queues for a Role.