Introducing Conversation Goals

Date Released: 2023-05-11

Conversation Goals can now be configured so you can track and report on how well your Bot is performing key tasks or jobs. Goals have predefined values, and come with a standard set of built-in reporting, making it easy to understand where your automation is working well, and where you can optimize.

Goals can be set by configuring a Set a goal action in in the Configuration Pane of the Bot Designer by selecting a Goal and one of the predefined values of Attempted, Succeeded, or Failed. The Conversation Handled Goal is available by default, and additional Goals can be be configured under Admin > 'Conversation Goals', or inline when adding a Set a goal action in the Bot Designer. A Goal Summary button is available in the upper right corner of the Flow Pane that allows you to see which Goals are being referenced when editing a Bot. A colored indicator appears on the corner of each Behavior in the Flow Pane to show which are setting a Goal. Further information about configuring Goals can be found in the Goals Documentation.

Reporting on Goals is found under Reports > Insights > 'Bot Goals'. The Summary section provides an overview of how your bots are performing with charts showing the proportion of conversations handled by Bots, compared to those that were escalated to a human agent, a comparison of how many conversations had a Succeeded verses Failed goal, and which Goals are being set. The Details section provides a breakdown of the Total, Succeeded and Failed conversations per each configured Goal. Additional details about Goal reporting can be found in the documentation.

Affected Users:Manager, Administrator

Formatting Options for Message Variables on Date/Time Fields

Date Released: 2023-04-13

When using a date/time field in a Message Variable (e.g. conversation.startTime) in Conversation Rules or the Quiq Bot Designer, you can now select a Format option for the date/time. Previously the value would always be shown as a number representing the unix timestamp of the field.

When a date/time field is selected for a Message Variable, the Format can be set to Date and time, and then additional Parameters can be selected to choose the formatting string to use for the display of the Message Variable's value. By default when no specific Display format is set, the date/time will be formatted like 4/12/2023.

Affected Users: Administrator

Prevent web chat user from typing a response setting now available

Date Released: 2023-04-13

A Prevent web chat user from typing a response checkbox, disabled by default, is now available in Conversation Rules and Quiq Bot Messages that contain a Quiq Reply - that option was previously only available in the Quiq Bot Designer for Gather Intent Behaviors. This setting is only supported in Web Chat (it's ignored in all other platforms), so the Prevent web chat user from typing a response checkbox isn't available in any Platform Override tabs other than Web Chat.

When the Prevent web chat user from typing a response checkbox is enabled for a Conversation Rule or Quiq Bot Message, the Chat window's message form is disabled and displays the placeholder text Please select an option above when that Quiq Reply message is sent to the customer - this prevents the customer from typing a message, so they must select a button for the Quiq Reply to continue. Note that if another message is sent by the agent before the customer makes a selection for the Quiq Reply message, the Chat message form does become editable again.

Affected Users: Administrator

Compliance Tools

Date Released: 2023-03-29

A new Compliance Tools section is available in Admin. Customers can be searched for by Phone Number or Email Address, and the returned customer data can then be permanently deleted as required for compliance purposes. This is a useful tool for handling GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and/or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) requests you receive from your customers.

A maximum of 500 Phone Numbers and 500 Email Addresses can be searched for at a time, and the numbers/addresses can be entered comma or new line separated.

The data associated with customers that are currently associated with Active, Inactive, or Unassigned/Queued conversations can't be deleted. If you search for a customer in that state, the Search Results section does display, but the Delete Records button is disabled and the text One or more customers have been flagged for non-deletion. This typically occurs when a customer is currently in an active conversation displays. This is the case as long as at least one customer returned in the search is in that state, even if other customers included in that same search can be deleted.

When customer data is deleted, that data can not be retrieved or restored, so please use caution when doing so - deletion is a permanent process. A Customer Data Deleted entry type is reported in Admin > Security > Audit Log when customer data is deleted from the Admin > Compliance Tools page.

Affected Users: Administrator

New Theme available for the Quiq application

Date Released: 2023-03-16

A New Theme Enabled toggle button is now available in Admin > Agent UI > Agent Settings, disabled by default, that can be used to switch the display of the Quiq application from the legacy theme to a new theme that has an updated look and feel. Learn More

The legacy theme will be retired on 7/31/23 and Quiq will upgrade all sites to the new theme at that time. You can optionally enable the new theme with the New Theme Enabled toggle button before that date.

Affected Users: Administrator

New Date/Time Selector Improvements for Quiq Reports

Date Released: 2023-03-10

A new selector is now in place to pick date and time ranges when running Quiq Reports and downloading CSV exports. The look and feel of the selector has been updated so the relative options are on the left, and the calendar is on the right - and it now shows a two-month range rather than just a single month. The new selector offers additional relative options to easily select a date range of a time period of consistent length.

The new options are:

  • Last 24 Hours: From yesterday at this time, until now
  • Last 7 Days: From a week ago, through the end of yesterday
  • Last 30 Days: From 30 days ago, through the end of yesterday
  • Last 90 Days: From 90 days ago, through the end of yesterday

The previous options are still available.

Additionally, a timezone selector is now available in most locations where you can select a date range. This can be found in Quiq Reports, as well as in Admin when selecting date parameters in Usage, Downloading Bot Statistics and Exporting the Stop List for a Contact Point. When exporting a CSV file the date/times will now be returned in the selected timezone, or in local time when no timezone is selected.

Affected Users: Agent, Manager, Administrator

Ability to define an IP Address Whitelist for Bot Public API Keys

Date Released: 2023-03-09

A new API Key IP Whitelist section is available in the Admin > Bot editor, where you can define a list of IP Address ranges that are allowed to access the Quiq API's with any Public API Keys that are added for the selected Bot, for security purposes. An empty value for the Whitelist indicates that access is allowed from any IP Address, which is the default. The API Key IP Whitelist section is available on the Advanced tab in Quiq Bots, and on the main page for Custom Bots.

IP Addresses are required to be in the range of -, with a suffix value in the range 16 - 32. When a valid IP Address is entered, the Add (green checkmark) button becomes enabled, and when Add is selected the IP Address is added as a row to the field. Note that since there isn’t a top-level Save button in the editor, as soon as a valid IP Address is entered and Add is selected, that change is immediately saved. Multiple IP Addresses can be added, and IP Addresses added to a Bot affect every Public API Key associated with that Bot.

Once an IP Address is added, it can be removed by clicking on the X button next to it in the field. IP Addresses that are added can be edited by clicking on the value so that the edit form opens. When an address is removed or edited, those changes immediately take effect.

Once IP Addresses are added to the Whitelist for a Bot, they also display for all API Key(s) associated with that Bot in Admin > Security > Public API Keys, under a Whitelist field.

Affected Users: Administrator

Ability to submit a Quiq Support request from Admin > Contact Points to enable the Cobrowse feature

Date Released: 2023-02-23

A new Cobrowse tab is available within individual Contact Points that have Web Chat enabled, and the Default Configuration Values page in Admin > Contact Points. When Cobrowse hasn't been configured for your Quiq site yet, a form is available on the Cobrowse tab where you can submit a request to Quiq Support for enabling the Cobrowse feature in your tenant. Note that Cobrowse is supported in Conversation Starter Web Chat but not in legacy Web Chat, so if your organization would benefit from using Cobrowse and you're currently using legacy Web Chat, you can also discuss migrating to Conversation Starter when Quiq Support contacts you regarding Cobrowse.

After a request to enable Cobrowse is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the Email Address specified in the request form, and Quiq Support will be in contact with you to discuss the configuration process.

After Cobrowse has been configured in your Quiq tenant, the Cobrowse tab in Admin > Contact Points will display an Enable Cobrowse toggle button, that can be used to disable/enable Cobrowse for individual Contact Points or at the tenant-level in the Default Configuration Values page.

New "Staff Admin" User Permission

Date Released: 2023-02-10

A new Staff Admin permission is now available in the Permissions field in Admin > Users, which allows Quiq Admins to create a type of User who has all of the Quiq permissions that Managers have, plus they're able to perform certain staff management tasks, without giving them full Admin-level permissions for the Quiq Admin application. To assign the Staff Admin permission to a new or existing User, a Quiq Admin can either create a new User and select that new option in the Permissions field, or the Permissions field value for an existing User can be updated to the new option.

When a User with the Staff Admin permission logs into Quiq, they have access to the Reports tab, since they have all of the permissions that a Manager has, and they also have access to the Admin tab - but when the Admin tab is opened, only the Users and Roles pages are available.

In Admin > Users, Staff Admins can create new Users, and set all of the available fields for the new User, but the Permissions field menu only contains the Agent & Manager options - Staff Admins can't create a User with Staff Admin or Admin permissions.

Staff Admins can only update existing Agent & Manager-level Users, so if an Admin or other Staff Admin User is selected in Admin > Users, the Edit button is hidden, and the Soft Assignment Limit and Hard Assignment Limit fields are read-only. Staff Admins can also only select Reset Password, Disable User & Enable User, update the Profile picture, and delete Snippets for Agent & Manager-level Users. Staff Admins aren't allowed to remove 2 Factor Authentication for any User, so the Remove 2FA button is always hidden.

In Admin > Roles, Staff Admins can add/remove Agent & Manager-level Users from a Role, but they can't add/remove other Staff Admin or Admin Users, or Bots - so when the Edit button is selected for the Members list in a Role, other Staff Admin & Admin Users, and Bots, are disabled so they can’t be added or removed. If Select All is selected when editing a Role's Members list, only Agent and Manager-level Users are selected or unselected. Staff Admins can’t create new Roles, update the label for a Role, or configure Queues for a Role.

Updates to the display of the Quiq Login, Logout and Password Set/Reset pages (visual changes only, no functionality impact)

Date Released: 2023-03-06

The visual display of the Quiq Login, Logout and Password Set/Reset pages has been updated. These changes only affect the colors and style of the page content, there's no impact on the actual functionality.

Affected Users: Agent, Manager, Administrator