Draft Created & Updated data now displays for the current Draft version in Admin Version History pages

Date Released: 2024-03-14

The Bot Designer, Conversation Rules & Proactive AI Version History pages have been updated to display Draft Created and Draft Updated data for the current Draft version, so that an Admin can now easily see who created the Draft version and who last updated it, and when those actions occurred. Note that if the current Draft version was created prior to 1/1/24 or so this new data won't display, but that data will be available for new Drafts going forward.

Affected Users: Administrator

Time in Current Status available in Agent Performance Today report

Date Released: 2024-03-07

In Reports > Current Activity > Agent Performance Today, the Status column that displays the agent's current Status now also includes the duration that they have been in that Status. The elapsed time since the last Status change is formatted in hours and minutes.

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator

New Copy Conversation URL feature

Date Released: 2024-02-29

Two new toggle buttons are now available in Admin > Agent UI > Agent Settings - Copy Conversation URL Enabled & Copy Conversation URL Enabled for Agents - that control a new feature that allows your Quiq users to copy the URL for a conversation transcript, and then share that conversation transcript link with other Quiq users as needed. Both new toggle buttons are disabled by default, which means that the new feature isn't available for any of your users.

If you would like to give your Admin, Staff Admin & Manager users access to this new feature, but not your Agent users, enable the Copy Conversation URL Enabled toggle button, and leave the Copy Conversation URL Enabled for Agents toggle button disabled. With that configuration, your Admin, Staff Admin & Manager users will have access to a new Copy Conversation Transcript URL to Clipboard button (that has a "link" icon), that displays in the header of conversation preview dialogs (such as in the Closed Conversations View dialog). When that button is clicked, the URL for the selected conversation is copied to the user's clipboard, and that link can then be sent to other Quiq users so that they can open that conversation (after the user accessing the link logs into Quiq) in a special conversation transcript view where just that conversation displays, and most of the actions available in the regular agent conversation view aren't available. The Copy Conversation Transcript URL to Clipboard button won't be available for your Agent users, and Agents will also not be allowed to view a conversation from a link that was copied with that button and sent to them by a different user - if an Agent user does try to open a conversation URL link, a You do not have permission to view this conversation popup dialog displays, and the conversation doesn’t display.

If you would like all of your users, including Agents, to be able to fully use this new feature, enable both the Copy Conversation URL Enabled & Copy Conversation URL Enabled for Agents toggle buttons. With that configuration, all of your users will have access to the Copy Conversation Transcript URL to Clipboard button so they can copy conversation URL's and share those links with other Quiq users, and all users will be allowed to view a conversation from a link that was copied and sent to them by a different user. Affected Users: Agent, Manager, Administrator

Ability to Change Column Headings in Agent Insights

Date Released: 2024-02-01

An administrator is now able to change the column headings that are displayed for views created in Agent Insights in order to be more relevant to their business. When Edit Columns is selected when editing a view, a pencil button appears in the right-side panel next to the the name for the selected column that allows the text to be changed. After saving, the new text will be used in the column heading for all users accessing that view.

Affected Users: Administrator

Agent Insights Formatted CSV Option

Date Released: 2024-01-18

A new Agent Data Formatted option is available when exporting data to a CSV file in Reports > Insights > Agents that allows the data in the CSV file to be formatted more like it is returned in the table in the Reports user interface based on the configured Display Options. The following formats will be applied:

- The decimal precision of numeric fields

- The configured units on duration fields (hours, minutes, etc)

- Percent fields

- String fields will be escaped

The formatted export option is only available in Agent Insights and is not available for other CSV exports (Closed Conversations, Agent Sessions, etc.)

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator

Ability to reorder Quiq Reply options with drag & drop in the Quiq Reply editor

Date Released: 2024-01-17

An enhancement was made to the Quiq Reply editor that allows you to easily reorder the reply options that have been added by clicking on the grab handle button that displays to the left of each option (the reorder button has an icon with 3 vertical rows of 2 dots each), and dragging & dropping that option to the location you'd like to move it to - as you drag an option, that option appears within the list in the location where the mouse pointer currently is, so you can see where it will be located if you drop it.

Affected Users: Agent, Manager, Administrator

New Note Behavior available in the Bot/Assistant Designers

Date Released: 2024-01-17

A new Note Behavior is now available in both Admin > Bots > Quiq Bot Designer and AI Studio > Assistants. A Note can help visually organize the other Behavior and Special Event nodes placed within a Bot or Assistant’s Flow Graph.

To create a Note, choose Add Behavior in a Bot or Assistant and select Note from the list of available Behaviors. Once selected, the Note is placed in the Flow Graph with the default color of Green. Enter the text for your Note (it will be trimmed as needed for display in the Flow Graph) and choose from one of 5 Note Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Chartreuse, and Yellow. As with other nodes in the Flow Graph, Note Behaviors can be repositioned as desired.

Affected Users: Administrator

New Time Available column on Agent Performance Today Report

Date Released: 2024-01-08

A new Time Available column has been added to the Reports > Current Activity > Agent Performance Today table that reports the total time an agent has spent in the Available status, or any custom statuses of that type, in the past 24 hours. This allows admins & managers to see how long agents have been marked Available to accept new work items in the past day. A drill-down is available that will break out the time spent in each status type - Available, Unavailable, Current Conversations, or Offline - for each hour in the past 24 hours. The Time Available column is not populated for Bot users.

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator

Introducing Agent Insights

Date Released: 2023-11-10

A new Agents tab is now available in Reports > Insights. Agent Insights provides a way to create highly customized views into your agent performance. Metrics like time available, conversations received and completed, missed work opportunities, and utilization can be aggregated by individual human agent, or groups of agents, for a specified period of time. Admins can create and save different Agent Views that highlight different groups of agents, and/or different metrics, that can then be shared with Staff Admins and Managers within your organization.

Only Administrator users can create and edit Agent Insight Views. Staff Admin and Manager users can open the views to which they've been granted access, but cannot change what is defined.

Agent Insight data is not available before May 1, 2023.

Additionally, Agent Insight Playbooks are available to help get you started creating views and interpreting the data.

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator

Search for conversations by CRM integration reference

Date Released: 2023-11-02

In Quiq sites integrated with Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk or Microsoft Dynamics, you can now search by a CRM record identifier, in addition to the Quiq Conversation ID, with the Search by ID button in the Closed Conversations search pages. When you click on the Search by ID button so that the Open Conversation dialog opens, in sites with a CRM integration a Reference Type menu field displays below the Conversation ID search field, where you can select the type of record identifier to search by (the available options depend on which CRM the site is integrated with), and a search field displays below that where you can enter the CRM record identifier text to search for.

In Quiq sites with an Oracle integration you can search by Reference Number & Incident ID, with Salesforce you can search by Case Number, Case ID & Lead ID, with Zendesk you can search by Ticket ID, and with Microsoft Dynamics you can search by Case Number, Case ID & Task ID.

Similar to searching by the Quiq Conversation ID, the full exact value for the CRM record identifier has to be entered for the search to return the record - if an invalid search value is entered, the search will fail and a validation error will display. The other filters in the Closed Conversations search page don't affect searching by CRM record identifier at all - so for example, a conversation that falls outside the Date Range currently selected in the Closed Conversations page will still be returned.

Note that if the Conversation ID and a CRM record identifier search field are both populated with valid values, but they point to different Quiq conversations, the search will always return the conversation associated with the Conversation ID by default.

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator