Customer Insights

Date Released: 2022-12-15

A new Insights tab is now available in Reports. Insights provide a way to identify how customers interact with your organization by analyzing their activity.

Two sections are available: Summary and Funnels. The Summary view provides an overview of what you define to be your most relevant metrics by displaying them in a set of Sections and Cards. Funnels allow a visual representation that shows completion and drop-off between events. Both areas provide a means of drilling down to see conversation details and transcripts. Additionally, custom Segments can be defined and applied to view the Insights based on some defined set of data.

Only Administrator users can create and edit Cards and Sections in the Summary view, create and edit Funnels, and create new Segments. Manager users can view the Summary items and Funnels they've been granted access to, but cannot change what is defined.

Insight data is not available before May 1, 2022.

Affected Users: Manager, Administrator