Billing Usage numbers available in Admin > 'Usage'

Date Released: 2023-01-19

Admin> Usage has been enhanced to provide additional details about usage related to billing. A new Overview tab is available in a format that is consistent with the contractual order form. Four sections are available:

  • Conversation Billing: Provides the number of billable units for some time period by conversation platform
  • Conversation Add-ons:Provides the number of conversations in which certain criteria was met that triggered additional billing units (e.g. bot-assisted)
  • Outbound Notifications:Provides the number of billable units for some time period by outbound notification platform.
  • Other Charges:Provides the number of other actions that are billable (e.g. surveys or payments).

The original data in Admin > 'Usage' is still available under the Trends tab. A date range that spans January 1, 2023 cannot be selected due to a change in the way Quiq records billing information. Intervals occurring entirely before, or entirely after, can still be selected for analysis as expected.

Affected Users: Administrator