Ability to define an IP Address Whitelist for Bot Public API Keys

Date Released: 2023-03-09

A new API Key IP Whitelist section is available in the Admin > Bot editor, where you can define a list of IP Address ranges that are allowed to access the Quiq API's with any Public API Keys that are added for the selected Bot, for security purposes. An empty value for the Whitelist indicates that access is allowed from any IP Address, which is the default. The API Key IP Whitelist section is available on the Advanced tab in Quiq Bots, and on the main page for Custom Bots.

IP Addresses are required to be in the range of -, with a suffix value in the range 16 - 32. When a valid IP Address is entered, the Add (green checkmark) button becomes enabled, and when Add is selected the IP Address is added as a row to the field. Note that since there isn’t a top-level Save button in the editor, as soon as a valid IP Address is entered and Add is selected, that change is immediately saved. Multiple IP Addresses can be added, and IP Addresses added to a Bot affect every Public API Key associated with that Bot.

Once an IP Address is added, it can be removed by clicking on the X button next to it in the field. IP Addresses that are added can be edited by clicking on the value so that the edit form opens. When an address is removed or edited, those changes immediately take effect.

Once IP Addresses are added to the Whitelist for a Bot, they also display for all API Key(s) associated with that Bot in Admin > Security > Public API Keys, under a Whitelist field.

Affected Users: Administrator