New Date/Time Selector Improvements for Quiq Reports

Date Released: 2023-03-10

A new selector is now in place to pick date and time ranges when running Quiq Reports and downloading CSV exports. The look and feel of the selector has been updated so the relative options are on the left, and the calendar is on the right - and it now shows a two-month range rather than just a single month. The new selector offers additional relative options to easily select a date range of a time period of consistent length.

The new options are:

  • Last 24 Hours: From yesterday at this time, until now
  • Last 7 Days: From a week ago, through the end of yesterday
  • Last 30 Days: From 30 days ago, through the end of yesterday
  • Last 90 Days: From 90 days ago, through the end of yesterday

The previous options are still available.

Additionally, a timezone selector is now available in most locations where you can select a date range. This can be found in Quiq Reports, as well as in Admin when selecting date parameters in Usage, Downloading Bot Statistics and Exporting the Stop List for a Contact Point. When exporting a CSV file the date/times will now be returned in the selected timezone, or in local time when no timezone is selected.

Affected Users: Agent, Manager, Administrator