Billing properties available in Report Insights

Date Released: 2023-01-10

Several new properties are available to provide details on usage billing in Report Insights. Note that this data is only available going forward - that is, only conversations that are closed after January 10, 2023 0:00 GMT will have these properties set. Constraints can be added on these properties when using the Conversation ended event in Funnel Step filters.

  • event.billingAddOnBotAssisted: The conversation included a bot agent, and also had an interaction with a human agent
  • event.billingAddOnBotNlpAssisted:The conversation included an NLP enabled bot, but also had an interaction with a human agent
  • event.billingAddOnBotNlpResolved:The conversation was resolved by an NLP enabled bot with no human agent interaction
  • event.billingAddOnBotResolved:The conversation was resolved by a bot with no human agent interaction
  • event.billingAddOnMessageTranslation:The conversation included message translation
  • event.billingAddOnProactiveAI The conversation started after a Proactive AI engagement
  • event.billingAddOnQuiqComposeLv1:The conversation included agent text accepted from Compose suggestions
  • event.calculatedConversationBillingUnitsThe billing units of the conversation

Affected Users: Administrator