Ability to submit a Quiq Support request from Admin > Contact Points to enable the Cobrowse feature

Date Released: 2023-02-23

A new Cobrowse tab is available within individual Contact Points that have Web Chat enabled, and the Default Configuration Values page in Admin > Contact Points. When Cobrowse hasn't been configured for your Quiq site yet, a form is available on the Cobrowse tab where you can submit a request to Quiq Support for enabling the Cobrowse feature in your tenant. Note that Cobrowse is supported in Conversation Starter Web Chat but not in legacy Web Chat, so if your organization would benefit from using Cobrowse and you're currently using legacy Web Chat, you can also discuss migrating to Conversation Starter when Quiq Support contacts you regarding Cobrowse.

After a request to enable Cobrowse is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the Email Address specified in the request form, and Quiq Support will be in contact with you to discuss the configuration process.

After Cobrowse has been configured in your Quiq tenant, the Cobrowse tab in Admin > Contact Points will display an Enable Cobrowse toggle button, that can be used to disable/enable Cobrowse for individual Contact Points or at the tenant-level in the Default Configuration Values page.